Cider & Crisps Gift Pack



1 x 440ml Medium Dry Cider – 4.5% abv

1 x 440ml Pixley Berries Fruit Cider – 3.4% abv

1 x 100g Lightly Salted Tin

1 x Two Farmers Cider 2/3 Pint Glass

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Brand: Two Farmers



1 x 440ml Medium Dry Cider – 4.5% abv

A bright golden, clear colour expected in fermented cider. The freshness of the crisp apple aroma tempts the taste buds!

The first sip delivers a deliciously ripe and crisp cider, bursting with apple flavours.

You can really taste the apples!

1 x 440ml Pixley Berries Fruit Cider – 3.4% abv

We have created a lighter, more natural coloured medium dry fruit cider that is nuanced and balanced with the apple.

The pure, ripe fruit berries work perfectly together with the apply cider , which gives a more sophisticated berry cider that isn’t sweet, but fruity!

1 x 100g Lightly Salted Tin

Lightly seasoned with Droitwich Salt, which is harvested by hand from their natural springs and crystallised using renewable energy.

✓ No artificial flavours colours or preservatives
✓ Suitable for vegans
✓ Gluten free

1 x Two Farmers Cider 2/3 Pint Glass

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  2. Jill Thomson (verified owner)

    Can’t comment as it wasn’t received

  3. Rona S. (verified owner)

  4. John Hodgkinson (verified owner)

    Excellent crisps and cider!!!

  5. Maria Thompson (verified owner)

    Wonderful gift pack that combined delicious cider and wonderful crisps a perfect combination. My Mum was delighted with it as her Mother’s Day gift.

  6. Brian & June Lowings (verified owner)

    excellent products and service thank you

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    Fabulous gift 🙂🙂

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    This wa a gift for my son and he was very happy with it

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    Well received gift, my son loved this Christmas gift

  12. Bridget Jones (verified owner)

    three recipients really enjoyed this present.

  13. Thomas B. (verified owner)

    Great cider and crisps. Really happy with this gift pack.

  14. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Nicely presented, I bought it as a gift for my grandson. He enjoyed the cider and crisps. I also love the crisps, don’t taste any fat and feels, lovely different flavours, the mushroom one is my favourite. Usually buy them at my local farm shop in Sussex.

  15. Rowena Leppard (verified owner)

  16. Denise W. (verified owner)

    This is great gift and great service thanks

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent gift box

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  22. Barbara B. (verified owner)

    This is a gift so have not tried the cider yet

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  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fantastic product, great gift

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